The Malouf Guide to a Perfect Guest Room

The Malouf Guide to a Perfect Guest Room

5 October 2022

With the holiday season approaching, your home may be seeing more guests. Whether your parents, in-laws, or friends are visiting for a few nights, make them feel welcome and comfortable with these tips for designing an inviting guest bedroom.


Travel can be exhausting. With moving between time zones and on-the-go activities, a good night’s rest is going to be a priority for your guests. Be sure to provide high-quality bedding, like our ultra-plush Chambray Comforter, as well as plenty of pillows and extra blankets. Illuminate the room with soft lamplight rather than relying on harsh overhead lighting.


Go above and beyond by providing little things for your guests to make their travel easier. Stock the bathroom they’ll be using with basic toiletries and a hairdryer. In the bedroom, include an alarm clock on the nightstand, and leave an extra phone charger there. Make important information like the Wi-Fi password, security codes, or emergency phone numbers clear and available in the room.


Nothing says luxury like a fresh set of silky sheets. And while a fresh set of sheets for your guest is a given, why not treat them to a VIP experience? From our softer-than-silk Botanical Tencel™ Lyocell set to the best of the best Supima® Premium Cotton sheets, the options are endless. For help picking out the perfect set, check out The Ultimate Malouf Sheet Guide.


It’s not going to be possible to please every potential guest when it comes to the mattress and pillows you provide. Get as close as you can to that by using good, middle ground options. A medium-firm mattress will work well for all sleep styles. Staying away from the ultra-plush or very firm profiles—the Zoned Talalay Latex pillows are a great option thanks to their multiple profiles —will be more accommodating for more people.


When your guest room is not in use, it probably becomes a bit of a dumping ground in your home. Clean out the room to be sure your guests feel like they have enough space and aren’t intruding. It’s alright if you can’t completely clear the closet or shelves, but make the space feel clean and tidy. To help maximize your space, consider a guest bed with underbed storage, like our Duncan Platform Bed Base.

The holidays are a great time to practice hospitality, but we also recognize that hosting can be stressful. It’s our hope that as you prepare for these end-of-year festivities—and the guests that come with them—these tips can help you and your guests stay comfortable.