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We understand that restorative sleep requires attention and intention. That’s why we design products to maximize your health, comfort, and well-being. Let’s commit to purposeful sleep.

Sleep with a purpose.

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Product Categories

Product Categories


This is furniture created by people who know sleep. You can customize a piece by matching one of our headboards and bases or select one of our complete designer-created beds. Either way, our timeless pieces bring classic style to your home.

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Product Categories


Sleeping elevated on an adjustable base offers powerful health and wellness benefits. Our bases range from basic to luxury with a variety of premium features. Or, shop our bed frames for durable options that create a strong foundation for your sleep.

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Your bedding should perform for your needs. Whether you’re seeking cooling or durability or relaxation, we can help you maximize your sleep. Our linens, comforters, duvets, and weighted blankets come in a selection of premium fabrics, fills, and colors.

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Your pillow should feel made for you—let us be your tailor. It’s one of the trickiest fits to nail down, so we’ve created tools to help you assess your perfect loft, features, and fill. Our comprehensive line has your answer to comfort.

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Protectors are the unsung heroes of bedding. They enhance your sleep with cooling and natural features, shield from unexpected spills, and help maintain a clean and safe sleep environment. Another perk? They extend the life of your mattress and safeguard your warranty.

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Soften a too-firm mattress, add a cooling layer, or refresh an older mattress—toppers can do it all. If you’re not looking for a new mattress but realize your sleep could be more restorative, a mattress topper may be your ideal solution.

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Certified B Corporation®


When you’re refreshed and invigorated by great sleep, you can take on the world. Let’s do it together. As a Certified B Corporation®, we work every day to build a healthier planet and positively impact people. Your purchase directly funds our work fighting child sexual exploitation through the Malouf Foundation™.

Our Impact

"I’ve loved everything I’ve tried… sheets, pillows, toppers, travel pillows. Super luxurious and high quality with awesome customer service as well. I recommend Malouf to all my friends and family!"

Laura W.

"We absolutely LOVE the bamboo rayon sheets. Hands down the best money ever spent. But what we love most is Malouf is an advocate for Human Sex Trafficking and a portion of your purchase is donated. Thank you for standing up for our children."

Kelly B.

"Malouf provides high-quality products. We own a mattress topper, pillows, and bamboo sheets and love them all. There is such a stark difference between the comfort level and quality with Malouf products that others just can't seem to rival. We will be Malouf customers for life!"

Amanda S.

"I started off by just trying out some rayon from bamboo sheets from Malouf, now my home contains 4 sets of sheets, 4 pillows, mattress topper, frame, and a bunch of other random goodies from Malouf. Everything about the company is excellent from their customer service to the products they sell. I’ll never buy from another sleep company!"

Casey H.

"My wife and I have been obsessed with Malouf ever since we first started using their products two years ago. All our mattress protectors, bed bases, pillows and most of our sheets are from Malouf. We even got our FAMILY hooked on Maloufs awesome toppers and sheets. Highly recommend!"

Derick M.