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What You Need to Know About Sheets

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Fibers: The Long and Short of It

For sheets that get better with every wash, look for long-stable fibers. The longer the fiber, the stronger and finer the weave. Short fibers tend to break, leading to rough patches and pilling. And nobody wants that.
Try: Supima® Premium Cotton Sheets
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Don’t Always Count On Thread Count

Thread count can often be overcounted to make sheets seem higher quality than they are. Instead, look for thread count paired with high-quality materials.
Try: 600 TC Cotton Blend sheets
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It’s All in the Details

You can tell how well sheets are made by the way they’re finished. Look for sheets without chemical finishes (which make fabrics feel softer than they are) and check the hems for elegant finishes like double piping or hand-drawn stitching.
Try: Malouf™ Italian Artisan Collection
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If the Sheet Fits

Even the most luxurious fabric can’t fix fit issues. Find sheets that hug your mattress, offer deep pockets for a snug fit, and oversized dimensions for effortless draping.
Try: Woven Brushed Microfiber
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An Introduction to Weaves

There are several different weaves to choose from. But does it really matter? Choose percale for durability, twill for soft draping, and sateen for a silky, lustrous look.
Try: Linen-Weave Sheet Set
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Around the World

Egyptian cotton, anyone? How about French linen? Or Supima cotton, which is only grown in the U.S.? The best sheets are made from the finest materials around the world. You just need to decide which one sounds the most incredible to fall asleep on.
Try: French Linen Sheet Set
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Sustainability and Sheets

You don’t have to choose between sheets that are eco-friendly or high quality. You can have both. Look for sheets made from more sustainable materials like bamboo or lyocell—a bio-degradable fabric made from wood pulp.
Try: Botanical TENCEL™ Lyocell
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The Feel Test

Silky. Crisp. Breathable. Soft. Everyone has a personal preference. Try feeling a few different sheets in person. Look for samples or displays in-store and pay attention to how they feel against your skin.
Try: Woven Rayon From Bamboo