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Gifts Every Mom Will Love

2nd May 2024 • Malouf Home

Whether she’s your own mother, the mother of your children, or the best mother-figure you know, this gift guide will help you find something she’ll love. And if you’re a mom buying your own gift—get it, girl!

Our number one recommendation is to give Mom a day of pampering. Whether it’s a spa day, a shopping trip, communicating how much she means to you, or a day where she doesn’t even have to THINK about running the house (we’re talking no mental load, here), find the special gift that will mean the most to the moms in your life.

And our second recommendation—one with long-lasting benefits—is to upgrade her sleep experience with a new set of sheets, a fresh pillow, or a brand-new mattress that will have Mom sleeping like a queen.

A New Sheet Set: Smooth Rayon from Bamboo Sheets

Give Mom the luxury of a freshly washed set of linens. (You can do the laundry for her too, added bonus.)The smooth, round fibers in the Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set are incredibly soft with a very gentle feel, great for sensitive skin. These silky sheets are breathable and help regulate body temperature, keeping her comfortable all night.

A New Pillow: Talalay Latex or Lavender Zoned ActiveDough™

Do a little research to find out Mom’s sleep style, and then match her with the pillow of her dreams. If she sleeps on her stomach, get her the low loft Talalay Latex pillow. If she’s a side or back sleeper, pick what you think she’d like better—soft, lavender-infused memory foam or sustainable, light latex.We even have some pillows with shoulder cutout options for amazing side sleeping!

A New Mattress: Ice Cloud™ Mattress

If you can give Mom any gift, the gift of better sleep should be a top priority. Sleep makes EVERYTHING better, but especially the wonderful and hard job of being a mom. The new Ice Cloud™ mattress can help her sleep better, sleep cooler, and sleep deeper. Sounds pretty magical.


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