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Experience Elevated Sleep with a Malouf™ Adjustable Bed Base

27th Jul 2022 • Malouf Home

The day is winding down. You’re done with all your work and are ready to relax. You get into your favorite pajamas and settle down in the ideal position for some late-night TV or the next chapter of your book. With the press of a button, you’ve added gentle massage to the mix and are in for an excellent night’s sleep.

Your spouse starts snoring, you easily raise their side of the bed to stop it. Later, you start snoring and your side automatically adjusts. In the morning, your bed slowly raises your head, gently waking you up instead of a blaring alarm.

We know what you’re thinking. How can you accomplish all of that from one bed? The answer lies in a Malouf™ adjustable bed base. An adjustable base is the perfect blend of wellness and technology, leading to a positive lifestyle shift and better sleep.

Why an Adjustable Base?
Adjustable bases can provide better sleep and a better life. These bases provide an elevated lifestyle with benefits for your comfort and health.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduced snoring
  • Pain and pressure relief
  • Enhanced circulation

Technology Benefits:

  • Automatic snore detection
  • Built-in Bluetooth® compatibility (select models)
  • Preset sleep positions

Our top bases are all Bluetooth compatible, working directly with the free Malouf Base™ App. Using the app, you can have complete customization opportunities with your sleep. Use your phone as your remote to adjust your head and feet, manage massage functions, and set timers to get the most of your sleep. You can also set up Siri shortcuts to move your base to a specific position with just your voice. Automatic snore detection will recognize the sound of your snoring and adjust your base accordingly.

If you’re sharing your bed space with someone, you know the battles that come with that. Does he snore and keep you up at night? Does she like a plush mattress while you prefer a firmer one? These are all problems that can be solved with an adjustable base. Or really, a pair of adjustable bases.

Did you know that two Twin XL beds are equal to a King-size bed? A very common approach to adjustables is to buy two and pair them together. From there, each person can have their own mattress that fits their needs. You can set up each mattress with its own individual set of sheets or purchase a Split King sheet set that covers both, with a seamed slit down the middle.

The Malouf Base App offers partner control, which allows you to manage multiple bases from one device. With this feature, adjust your partner’s base and mattress with one click or Siri voice command.

So, whether you’re looking for better physical sleep or the latest and greatest technological updates, an adjustable base is the answer. Now that we have you convinced, let’s talk about some of the adjustable bed bases Malouf offers. From the basics to truly top-of-the-line with all the bells and whistles, there is an adjustable base for every style and budget.


The E255 adjustable base is an excellent introduction to the world of elevated sleep. The durable metal frame has two-tone upholstery. The seamless design can be used on its own or placed on other platform bases or bed frames.

  • Head (60 degrees) and foot (45 degrees) incline
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Three preset positions with the ability to customize two more
  • 15-minute setup and easy storage


The M455 smart adjustable base takes elevated sleep to the next level, giving you the benefits along with a few bonuses. This base is upholstered in a beautiful linen-inspired fabric for an upgraded look.

  • Head (60 degrees) and foot (45 degrees) incline
  • Three intensities of neck and back massage
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • USB and USB-C charging ports
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Two preset positions with the ability to customize one more


With the S655 smart adjustable base, you can truly have sleep your way. Customize your sleep experience with smart features and relaxing settings.

  • Head (55 degrees) and foot (45 degrees) incline
  • Extra head and neck support with head tilt design
  • Three intensities and patterns of neck, back, and leg massage
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • USB and USB-C charging ports
  • Underbed LED lighting
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Seven preset positions with the ability to customize six more

No matter which Malouf adjustable bed base you choose, you will sleep well with the benefits and technological advances each base offers. Improve your sleep and overall health with the perks of elevated sleep. 


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