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November 13, 2020 - wellness, products

Malouf Base App: Great Sleep is Just a Download Away

The Malouf Base App™ takes personalized sleep to the next level—literally. With just a tap on your screen or a word whispered to Siri, you can elevate your adjustable base for an entirely new sleep experience. 

While many competitors rely on a third-party software system, our in-house team has combined innovative technology with award-winning design to create an app that helps you maximize the health benefits of an adjustable base.

According to Malouf CEO Sam Malouf, “Today’s consumers are looking for innovative ways to improve their sleep experience, and our industry-leading tech capabilities support that growing demand.” That’s what this app was designed to deliver, and according to both customers and industry experts, this app doesn’t disappoint. 

In fact, the Malouf Base App™ is award-winning, taking home the award for “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” and is considered the best-performing adjustable base app in the world. 

Here’s a look at what makes the Malouf Base App™ so great:

Easy Connection with Bluetooth®

Built-in Bluetooth® makes it easier to pair your bed base with the app to quickly begin controlling the position of your bed.

Simple Siri Shortcuts

What if you could simply say, “Hey Siri, change my position to TV mode” and be in your personalized perfect position to enjoy your most recent Netflix binge? The Malouf Base App™ lets you completely customize Siri shortcuts to automize tasks on your device. Plus, this means you can adjust your base completely hands-free.

More Accessibility with Partner Control

This premium feature allows you to manage multiple bed bases from a single device. In other words, now you can stop your partner’s snoring with a click of a button (rather than the usual punch to the kidney).

Easily Program Preset Positions

Each bed base comes with preloaded preset positions as well as the ability to create custom set positions. This means you won’t ever have to click the up and down buttons looking for the sweet spot.

Massage at the Click of a Button

What you can control with the Malouf Base App™ isn’t limited to bed positioning. You have easy access to everything your bed has to offer from the underbed LED lights to customizing your bed’s massage features.

*Only available with M550, M555, S750, and S755 bases

Wake Up Easily

Rather than wake up to the crying bleep of an alarm clock, the Malouf Base App™ lets you program your base so you wake gently by elevation and a massage.

*Only available with M550 and S750 bases

While this app is already top of the line, we haven’t stopped innovating. Says Sam Malouf: “It’s just going to keep getting better.”

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