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Your Dreamy 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

9th Nov 2023 • Malouf Home

Better sleep is the gift that keeps on giving. Share the gift of great sleep with everyone on your list—and enjoy hanging out with a well-rested and rejuvenated social set!

And we know the holidays can get expensive. We now offer financing by Affirm, allowing you to pay at your pace.

For your partner

If you share a bed with a partner, this is technically a gift for you too. We call that a holiday win-win. Help your partner reduce their snoring and stop tossing and turning with the right sleep products.

  • A long-time bestseller, the Zoned Talalay Latex Pillow is eco-friendly, breathable, and responsive. It comes in multiple lofts so you can find the exact match for your partner’s sleep style.

For your family

If your families are anything like ours, they can be very hard to shop for. But guess what? Everybody sleeps, and most people are sleeping on accessories that have outlived their best years. Freshen your family’s sleep with a new pillow or sheet set.

  • A Zoned ActiveDough® + Lavender pillow is a luxurious pillow with a little something extra—perfect for the sibling or cousin that’s been the nicest this year.

For your friends

Steal the show at this year’s White Elephant gift exchange (or Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap, yikes for these names). Or, treat a friend to a special gift to say, “Thanks for being so great!”

  • This Convolution® Pillow is adjustable, so even if you don’t know exactly how your friend sleeps, they’ll be able to find their perfect fit.

For you

Hey—maybe the first person on your list for better sleep should be you! The gift you can share with your friends and family is the upbeat new personality that comes with better sleep.

  • A new Ascend AeroFlex™ Hybrid Mattress might be just what you need to tackle all the holiday social interactions and family gatherings. Our AeroFlex™ foam gives consistent, cushioning support with the bounce and pushback of natural latex.
  • The Shoulder CarbonCool™ LT + Omniphase® Pillow is pretty special, and you deserve a special gift this season. It comes in a design specifically for side sleepers, or in a more classic shape for back and stomach sleepers. It has four sources of cooling technologies to keep you balanced and comfortable.

These are just a few suggestions to help you through a busy holiday season. Finding the best match is really about what you prefer, but we guarantee you won’t regret investing in sleep. Happy holidays! 


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