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Introducing Malouf™ Sleep Systems

10th Nov 2022 • Malouf Home

We recently launched a new category here at Malouf Home—sleep systems. These bundles are designed to give you the most elevated sleep experience, while simplifying your shopping process, so better sleep is just a click away. You’ll also save money (up to $800!) when you purchase a complete sleep system rather than buying your mattress and adjustable base separately.

What is a Sleep System?

A Malouf sleep system is a mattress and an adjustable bed base in one convenient purchase. It is an easy way to truly customize your sleep. With more control in the hands of you and your partner, you will be able to make your sleep truly yours. Make the most of the time you get to sleep and reach your full potential with innovative technology and incredibly rejuvenating comfort.

What are the benefits of a sleep system?

With a full sleep system, you will find several benefits and the most positive sleep experience. Here are a few of the pros to choosing a Malouf sleep system:

  • Sleep More Soundly
    • Easily adjust your sleeping position to stop tossing and turning all night
  • Combat Health Concerns
    • Decrease snoring and acid reflux, while hitting all the right pressure points for more rejuvenating sleep
  • A Lifestyle Upgrade
    • Whether you’re reading, watching TV, working, or just relaxing, enjoy it at a new level on an adjustable base
  • Maximize Your Time
    • Life is busy and sleep is often the first thing to go. Get the most out of the sleep you do get with a customizable sleep system

What is a Split King Setup?

We all have different tastes when it comes to the food we eat and the entertainment we enjoy, and those are met with choices for everything. That applies to our sleep as well. Not everyone sleeps the same and has the same needs.

A Split King setup is the perfect way to combat this. In a Split King system, you will get two Twin XL mattresses and bases, which when pushed together, equal the size of a traditional King-size bed. This way, you and your partner can each choose the mattress that best fits your needs—how firm or plush you prefer the mattress, as well as additional features like cooling technology and supportive coils. With your own adjustable base, you can control your individual settings and preferences, finding the best sleep for you.

Sleep better together, without compromise, when you choose a Split King sleep system.

What are the Sleep System Options?

There are five total sleep systems available at Malouf. Let’s take a closer look at what each system offers.

Embark Sleep System

  • E255 Adjustable Base + Embark CoolSync Mattress

The E255 base is designed to ease body aches and relieve snoring, while the Embark Mattress offers cool and comfortable support with an ultra-plush feel.

Ascend Sleep Systems

  • M455 Adjustable Base + Ascend AeroFlex™ Mattress OR Ascend CoolSync Mattress

The M455 base makes customizable sleep easy with incline options and relaxing massage. Choose between the Ascend CoolSync Mattress which offers cooling, contouring comfort, and the Ascend AeroFlex Mattress which keeps air flowing and your body supported with a firmer feel.

Peak Sleep Systems

  • S655 Adjustable Base + Peak ActivAir™ OR Peak CoolSync Mattress

Our top-of-the-line option, the S655 gives you complete snooze control from luxurious massage to precise head tilt. Choose between the Peak ActivAir Mattress that provides cloud-like comfort and the Peak CoolSync Mattress that offers cooling, unmatched support.

By choosing a Malouf sleep system, you will get truly customized, made-for-you sleep in one package. Learn more about each of these systems on the Sleep System page where you will find breakdowns of each mattress and adjustable base. 

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