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Back to School, Back to Sleep

19th Jul 2022 • Malouf Home

As much as we may try to fight it, back-to-school season is quickly approaching. Whether you’re a parent or a student, make it a priority to get good sleep throughout the school year.

First, let’s specifically talk about those students who are headed for college this fall. While it can be hard for college students to get great sleep, Malouf™ has several products that are sure to help.

Send your student off with a Bed in a Bag. The set includes a white microfiber sheet set, a reversible down alternative comforter, and a down alternative pillow. In one bag you’ll find everything you need to outfit the dorm room bed.

If you need to furnish the college bedroom, start with the 14-Inch Highrise™ HD Bed Frame. This solid steel bed frame boasts an impressive 14 inches of under-bed storage space, perfect for making the most of a small room. The frame also has support bars in both directions, providing a secure base and eliminating the need for a box spring.

Residence hall beds are notoriously not comfortable. Give your student the added benefit of a Malouf Mattress Pad. This mattress pad adds a layer of comfort to any mattress. The Gelled Microfiber™ fill increases air circulation and makes the bedding more breathable. As a bonus, it also protects the mattress from dust mites and messes.

Between school, extracurricular activities, jobs, and natural college fun, odds are good your student is going to experience some sleep struggles. Check-in with them throughout the semester, teaching them the importance of good sleep and offering tips for sleeping better.

Keep the good sleep going at home, too. The start of the school year is a great time to refresh your child’s bedding and sleep routine. Start from the bottom of the bedding layers and work your way up for great sleep.

A mattress protector is an essential piece of bedding—especially for kids. A protector will extend the life of the mattress it covers, guarding it against liquids, allergens, and dust mites. The Five 5ided™ Smooth Mattress Protector is ultra-thin and silky smooth. The fabric is quiet and breathable, so it won’t change the feel of your child’s mattress but will protect the top and sides from any sort of intrusion.

Kids and adults everywhere agree—there’s nothing better than climbing into bed between soft, comfortable sheets. Set your child up for success with a set of our Brushed Microfiber sheets. The double-brushed microfiber feels velvety soft on the skin. And for you, the benefit is how easy these sheets are to care for. The thick elastic and deep pockets also keep the fitted sheet securely on the mattress, no matter how much tossing, turning, or jumping may be going on.

Good sleep doesn’t happen without a good pillow. Malouf offers pillows of all types, but for children, a traditional filled pillow is a great option. Our Gel Convolution™, Gelled Microfiber™, and Shredded Latex + Gelled Microfiber™ all offer a luxurious feel and conforming support.

Sleep is so important for the growth and development of your kids. With their busy schedules, you can provide the ideal escape for them to rest and recover for the next day. As you fight the battle of getting them back into a school-year routine, make sleep a priority.

Whether at home or on campus, help your kids make the most of this upcoming school year. Give them a head start with the pieces they need for great sleep. 


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