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Sleep Bundles

Discover truly elevated sleep in one easy bundle of a mattress and adjustable bed base.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my mattress last?

    Mattresses typically last between 7-10 years, however there are many variables that influence the longevity of your mattress. We recommend using a mattress protector to help extend the life of your mattress.

  • What is the best type of sleep bundle for me?

    This depends on the features and mattress type you are looking for and the level of features on your adjustable bed base. You can view our comparison chart mattress comparison chart [link] and adjustable base comparison chart [link] to compare features and types.

  • What is zero clearance?

    Zero clearance means that your adjustable base will rest flat on the existing bed frame without the legs attached to it. If you are using an upholstered bed frame that has drawers, you'll need a zero-clearance base, so the legs don't sit inside the drawers. All Malouf adjustable bed bases can function in zero clearance mode.

  • What is the zero-gravity position?

    Zero gravity raises your head and feet to put you in a neutral sleeping position for deeper, more restorative sleep. It is defined as a state of weightlessness and can provide ultimate comfort for sleeping, watching TV, or relaxing in bed.

  • How do I control my adjustable bed base?

    Each Malouf adjustable bed base comes with a sleek remote that allows you to control the way you sleep. The M455 and S655 have Bluetooth® compatibility and can be used with the Malouf Base™ app so you can enjoy features like hands-free Siri voice commands and automatic snore detection. Sleeping smarter has never been this easy.

  • How do I control my Split King setup?

    Your Split King sleep bundle will come with two remotes, one for each side of the bed. Alternatively, the Ascend and Peak sleep bundles have Bluetooth® compatibility built into the adjustable bed bases and they can be controlled through the free Malouf Base™ app.

  • How do I sync my split base if I want to change it to a one-piece option?

    You can easily sync your base with a sync cable so your split setup will function as one piece. Our Ascend and Peak sleep bundles come with a sync cable included. If you would like to sync your Embark sleep bundle, please reach out to us at

  • What is the weight limit?

    The E255 has a 750-pound weight limit. The M455 and S655 both have 850-pound weight limits.

  • Do I need a box spring for my adjustable bed base?

    No. Your mattress can lay directly on top of your adjustable bed base, so you don't have to have the hassle of using a box spring.

  • Will my mattress slide off when I elevate my head?

    All Malouf adjustable bases come with retainer bars that sit at the foot of the mattress to ensure it stays in place. As you elevate and adjust your base, your mattress will flex and move based on the position you are selecting but will not move off your bed.

  • How can I find sheets for my Split King sleep bundle?

    All Malouf sheets are available in a Split King option that has two fitted sheets, one flat sheet, and pillowcases, so it is easy for you to upgrade your sleep with everything you need to outfit your new bed.

  • Can the height of my adjustable bed base be adjusted?

    The M455 and S655 come with two sets of 3-inch legs and one set of 6-inch legs, giving you the option to adjust the height based on your preferences. The E255 comes with 12-inch legs.

  • Are adjustable bases difficult to setup?

    Setup is easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes. We do recommend having two people when setting up your base so it can easily be flipped right side up. Your mattress will come compressed and rolled in a box. Unwrap, and let it decompress for 24 hours before sleeping on it.

  • What size sleep bundle do I need?

    The best size mattress and base for each person depends on a variety of factors—room size, who will be sleeping in the bed, etc. A split king is very popular as both you and your partner can control your own side of the bed when paired with an adjustable base. You can view our mattress size guide [link] or mattress comparison chart [link] to learn more.

  • Do I need a mattress protector?

    Yes. We recommend using a mattress protector to protect your investment from spills, stains, and dust mites. The warranty on your mattress will also be voided if you do not use a mattress protector. All Malouf mattress purchases come with a five-sided smooth mattress protector and the option to upgrade.

  • Does Malouf offer a sleep trial?

    Yes, we do. All Malouf mattresses and sleep bundles qualify for a 100-night sleep trial. If after 30 days you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may initiate a return. Items will only qualify for a full refund if a mattress protector was used during the trial period.

  • How long is the sleep bundle under warranty?

    The Malouf mattress warranty is available for 10 years from purchase date. Customers must use a mattress protector on their mattress, or it will void the warranty. Our E255 adjustable base has a 10-year warranty, while the M455 and S655 both have 20-year warranties.

  • Who do I reach out to for questions?

    You can email us at, call (888) 910-0235, or chat with us during business hours.