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The Malouf in-house product development team develops, integrates, combines, and applies new product technology that often isn’t widely found on the market. Our aggressive pricing and attractive packaging make these products best-sellers. And our high standard of quality ensures our technology and materials are aligned for an experience customers love.

Luxurious materials from around the globe

Malouf is committed to high-quality bedding materials from Supima® cotton grown in the southwestern United States to flax grown in Flanders, France. We employ classic fibers like Portuguese flannel but embrace new technology like TENCEL Lyocell from Austria. Customers love our selection and retail partners love our quality.

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Product Development Team

"Our team controls the process from start to finish with multiple checkpoints along each step of production. Ultimately, we invest in sustainable relationships with all our retail partners—that means we don’t cut corners. Keeping that high standard is essential for long-term growth and a big part of what we do at Malouf."


"Attainable luxury" is still our motto

Our team works to maximize your profitability by providing luxury at a value. We know your customers shop in a variety of price points, so we create high-quality products that fit their needs. Our product mix is unmatched by any competitor on the market.


We Protect Our Partners with Online MAP

Our online MAP strategy drives customers in-store to take advantage of your sleep expertise to feel, touch, and experience Malouf products. Our luxury line of products increases customer loyalty and safeguards you from low-quality, low-priced online competitors.


We get you the best pricing every step of the way

As one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world, we can guarantee the best value available. Through innovative production methods, efficient shipping and logistics, free freight incentives, and consultative programs, we are committed to keeping your costs low.

Creative Team

Award-Winning Creative Teams

save you money on high-level assets

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At Malouf, we allocate our best resources toward product development and production. The result is exceptional quality and value for our retail partners. We apply that same business sense to our product packaging and showroom displays. The outcome is beautiful product that stands out in a crowded sales environment while inspiring customers to envision Malouf products in their homes.

Additionally, our creative teams collaborate to highlight the benefits of each product through email marketing, catalogs, training videos, social media, and other marketing materials. These assets bring expertise to your sales force and set your store apart from online commodity shopping.

Fourteen nationally-recognized design awards

Design Awards


Retail Merchandizing Team

"Our team creates beautiful yet functional displays that highlight our product line-up."

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Designed to be practical as well as flexible, our product displays can translate to retail spaces small and large. We also have the capacity to support retailers through offering advice on store layouts and creating customized fixtures for their showrooms.



Graphic Design Team

"Malouf has always valued good design, which we believe is integral to the product experience"

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Our team is committed to quality, creativity, and storytelling that has garnered a reputation for outstanding design. We aim to ensure our partners have all the visual assets they need to be successful.

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