OnWatch Training Wins SAMY Award For Best PR Launch

LOGAN, UtahUtah Business magazine has named the Malouf Foundation’s OnWatch training the Best PR Launch at the awards for Sales and Marketing Professionals of the Year. This is one of three awards the OnWatch training has won recently, along with a HOW Logo Design Award and an American Graphic Design Award Gold Recognition.

The Malouf Foundation’s flagship cause is to fight child sex trafficking, which they accomplish through the rescue and shelter of children trapped in exploitation around the globe. OnWatch training is a response to what they felt was a missing piece in their mission: education. The OnWatch training is a 10-step video program designed to teach individuals the signs of child sex trafficking and ways to join the fight. 

“It means a lot to have OnWatch recognized in different forums, because we care so much about this program,” says Sam Malouf, President of the Malouf Foundation. “Our employees have made a big commitment, donating skills and time to this cause. Everybody has something to give.”

Malouf employee Jake Steele is the graphic designer behind the award-winning logo. “With a cause this powerful, designing the logo and supporting graphics was an organic process. Everything just felt right. The OnWatch Toolkit gives our partners a chance to participate in the cause and help share the message,” says Steele.

The OnWatch Toolkit is a collection of marketing tools and assets, including the award-winning logos and event materials—available for download at IAmOnWatch.com. The Malouf Foundation released the toolkit at the January 2019 Forging Freedom Event. Their goal is to share this content with business owners and partners to make it easy to hold their own events.

About Malouf Foundation:

Founded in 2016 and based out of Logan, Utah, the Malouf Foundation is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to bringing comfort to community members by helping them fulfill basic needs during difficult times. The foundation works closely with local charities to provide comfort and care for abuse victims as well as support children and families in need. The foundation’s banner cause is to fight child sex trafficking and exploitation. Through key partners and its parent company, Malouf, the foundation gives 100 percent of its resources to the people it serves. For more information about the Malouf Foundation, visit malouffoundation.org