LOGAN, Utah—Malouf™ has reorganized its internal sales and order fulfillment teams to include dedicated sales operations specialists for each district. The new team structure will increase efficiency and cohesion between the sales and logistics of each order. 

Sydnee Musgrave will act as the sales operations manager, overseeing overall shipping effectiveness. “We’ll be able to see the big picture better than ever before with this new structure. My job will be ensuring we’re as streamlined as possible while capitalizing on the best opportunities, which keeps costs low for our retail partners,” Musgrave said. 

Musgrave has worked with the sales managers of each district to add a district operations lead to their team. Jeff Struthers, Richard Buys and Danielle Manley will lead teams of either three or four sales operations specialists that will focus on regional shipping expertise and account management.

Director of North American Sales Eric Holmstead said, “This is great news for our retail partners. We’ve seen shipping become more challenging through the pandemic, but this restructure gives each district a regional logistics expert. Our sales op specialists are working each day to make certain our partners’ orders are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

For years, Malouf™ has paired the expertise of its operations specialists with an internal team of software engineers to create inventory and warehouse management systems for accurate and on-time shipping. The system also gives the operations team the ability to get shipping quotes directly from our carriers. Malouf™ uses its Wholesale Resource Center (WRC) as the bridge between this order management system and retailers. Orders placed through the WRC are the most efficient and cost-effective, which allows Malouf™ to offer its most competitive pricing. 

For more questions, contact your sales representative at sales@maloufhome.com or visit the Wholesale Resource Center. 

About Malouf Home™ 

A leader in the furniture and bedding industry, Malouf Home™ offers a wide range of innovative products including mattresses, adjustable bed bases, furniture, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames and mattress toppers. Malouf™ products are available in over 15,000 retail partner locations in the U.S. and its growing international team now serves over 25 countries. Known for its commitment to quality, pricing and service, Malouf™ continues to expand its vertical integration and technology capabilities to better serve its customers with more than 335 global patents and trademarks. Malouf™, a Certified B Corporation®, was founded in 2003 by Sam and Kacie Malouf and is headquartered in Logan, Utah. To learn more, visit maloufhome.com.