Malouf™ Provides 40,000 Bedding Items for COVID-19 Relief Efforts While Being Petitioned to Stop Importing Mattresses Used for Medical Purposes 

LOGAN, UT – Malouf™, a leader in the furniture and bedding industry, responded to the national crisis in the medical community for bedding items in the fight against COVID-19. Mattresses, adjustable bed bases, bed frames and mattress protectors have been sent to New York, Chicago, Tennessee, Las Vegas and California for the use in fighting the urgent needs of the pandemic.

In the midst of the crisis happening from coast-to-coast in the US, Malouf™ along with dozens of other bedding and mattress companies, have been issued a petition to stop 80 percent of imported mattresses from arriving into the US from seven countries. The petition was filed on March 31, 2020 with the International Trade Commission (ITC) while the country was undergoing the largest pandemic in modern history.

COVID-19 projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation indicate American hospitals will not have 87,674 hospital beds and 19,863 intensive care unit beds in time to save lives. If this ITC case reaches the preliminary hearing on April 21, it ends U.S. importers’ ability to supply mattresses to help throughout the pandemic.

“If we shut down the supply of hospital beds, the immediate effect would be catastrophic as more and more hospitals and emergency centers are calling out for more beds,” said Michael Roizen, MD, emeritus chief of wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic. “We are in this for the long run and should be planning for additional peaks later this year and into the future.”

The global crisis is the worst possible time for corporate power moves to increase market share. Imported mattresses make up a significant percentage of beds in hospitals. American importers need to continue ordering beds to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said, “In the midst of a global health crisis, this opportunistic corporate warfare could cost many American lives. This is not the time to be restricting these supplies.”

In response to this petition, the American Mattress Alliance has issued the following statement, “The need for mattresses during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best in many companies – and the worst in others. Mattress importers have been harnessing their production models designed to satisfy online shoppers to meet the need for beds quickly and efficiently, creating instant solutions for medical suppliers. A group of domestic manufacturers, who typically follow a made-to-order production model, have instead used this time of crisis to make a calculated power play.”

In addition to supplying critical bedding units to hospitals and temporary medical locations, Malouf™ also employs 350 people in their Logan company headquarters and warehouse facilities. If this petition goes to a preliminary hearing on April 21, these individuals’ jobs could be impacted and the economic situation in Utah could worsen. All mattress production would cease while the trial goes to months of hearings. 

“We were slapped in the face with this petition that is working against us as we race to get beds in hospitals,” said Sam Malouf™, CEO of Malouf™. “We don’t need this distraction. We don’t need to be pulled from the front lines. We need this ITC case stalled now. We need to focus on the crisis at hand.”


We are asking for the public to reach out to Senator Mike Lee’s office to object to this petition being filed at this time. Senator Lee has been instrumental in his work to halt this petition from progressing into going to trial. To object this petition that is being issued against Malouf™ and several mattress manufacturers including RC Willey, City Furniture, American Furniture Warehouse and others, please visit or