LOGAN, Utah—Malouf Home™ opened a new line of product for order—University Bed. University Bed™ is a line of mattresses and mattress covers with patent-pending wipeable and antimicrobial technology.

Though the products were initially created exclusively for commercial and hospitality buyers, an increased customer demand for more durable products led the Malouf™ sales team to open the line to stores. The full offering includes the Undergrad Memory Foam Mattress, Grad Memory Foam Mattress, 8” Vinyl-Free Mattress Protector, and 10" Vinyl-Free Mattress Protector.

Eric Holmstead, director of sales for Malouf™, said “These products fill a gap in the market for easy-to-clean mattresses, which are perfect for kid’s rooms and guest rooms.” 

Holmstead continued, “University Bed™ mattresses have been designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of a college dormitory and high-traffic commercial spaces, ensuring an impressive level of quality and convenience for end consumers.”

Organizations are already finding success with the new line. Dan Fuller, renovation housing manager from Utah State University, said, "The University Bed™ line has been a great addition for on-campus housing. Students and parents have had a heightened awareness of cleanliness due to the pandemic, and these easy-to-clean beds give students peace of mind knowing they have a safe sleeping environment. Plus, the durability is great for our bottom line."

The new University Bed line is currently on the Wholesale Resource Center and ships with regular Malouf™ orders. For more information or to partner with Malouf, contact a sales representative at sales@maloufhome.com or 800-517-7179. 

About Malouf Home™

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