Malouf™ Expands Photography and Video Studios to Boost In-House Capabilities  

LOGAN, Utah—Malouf™ recently completed a 100,000-square-foot headquarters expansion to accommodate its growing team and in-house capabilities. With the expansion, Malouf added state-of-the-art video and photography studios to support the creation of new marketing assets for its retail partners. 

“We save our customers time, money, and resources by providing them with industry-leading marketing materials,” commented Malouf™ VP of Sales Mike Douglas. “Now that we have more studio space, we can offer even more collateral that our customers can use to promote their business and increase sales.” 

The company’s new video studio amounts to nearly 14,000 square feet. It is outfitted with green screens, makeup rooms, and an expanded white cyclorama, which allows the video team to shoot individual products and complete bedroom sets simultaneously. A portion of the studio is also isolated and treated with sound-deadening materials to capture high-quality audio. Lastly, the new space is equipped with advanced LED light fixtures for bright, energy-efficient studio lighting.  

Malouf™ Video Director, Scott Hyldahl, said the new studio has increased the video team’s efficiency and quality of work. He stated, “We can shoot a higher volume of content in a shorter time frame. We also have more flexibility and freedom to be creative and deliver video content that is beautiful, engaging, and effective.”

Hyldahl further explained, “In past years, we had to shoot our lifestyle content in people’s homes and sometimes other studios to capture a realistic and relatable space. Today, we have our own space with sets that are ready to go whenever we have a new project.”

The 23,000-square-foot photography studio features eight shooting stations, large windows for natural lighting, and a dedicated storage area for products and props. The studio also includes carpentry, welding, and painting workstations. Both the video and photography teams utilize these spaces to build custom sets for their projects. 

Malouf™ Photography Director, Jenn Meyers, shared, “We have more real estate than ever before. This means we can shoot multiple projects at once and pay closer attention to the details, which translates to higher-quality assets for our partners with quicker turnaround times.” 

Malouf™ offers a wide array of marketing assets to its retail partners, including lifestyle imagery, product training videos, product catalogs, and social media resources. Malouf™ customers can access these materials through the company’s Wholesale Resource Center or by contacting their sales representative at 800-517-7179 or

About Malouf™ 

A leader in the furniture and bedding industry, Malouf™ offers a wide range of innovative products including mattresses, adjustable bed bases, furniture, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames and mattress toppers. Malouf™ products are available in over 15,000 retail partner locations in the U.S. and its growing international team now serves over 25 countries. Known for its commitment to quality, pricing and service, Malouf™ continues to expand its vertical integration and technology capabilities to better serve its customers with more than 350 global patents and trademarks. Malouf™, a Certified B Corporation®, was founded in 2003 by Sam and Kacie Malouf and is headquartered in Logan, Utah. To learn more, visit