LOGAN, Utah—Malouf™ has released a new e-book that explains how retailers can best utilize email marketing. The guide includes how to get started, an email marketing platform comparison, tips for building an email list, sample content, and different types of emails and their benefits for shoppers. A full read of the guide will teach users how to build a great campaign from start to finish.

Jeff Frodsham, email marketing manager for Malouf™, said, “The goal of the e-book is to help our retail partners increase their profits through email marketing, grow their subscribers, boost marketing efficacy, and get the most from their email metrics.” He continued, “Email is a powerful marketing tool, generating 44 dollars for every dollar spent. We want to teach people how to easily harness that power.”

The following is a selected excerpt from the e-book.                              

Getting Started: Choose an Email Marketing Platform

Setting up email marketing campaigns is easier than ever with an Email Marketing Platform (EMP) that manages your email list, has ready-to-use templates, and gives you feedback in real time. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an EMP.

  1. Deliverability: A good EMP will do the work for you to make sure your email gets delivered.
  2. Design: Each EMP has a variety of pre-formatted email templates created by their designers. Before committing to a service, check out their template options to make sure they have the fonts and imagery that will fit your brand.
  3. Usability: Most companies offer free trials to try out their service. This is a great opportunity to test how user-friendly it is. Make sure to also check out their customer service options to confirm you’ll have the support you need.
  4. Cost: Cost varies between EMPs. Most services have a range of prices dependent on email volume. Before picking an EMP, determine how many subscribers you plan to have and how many emails you plan to send.
  5. Analytics: Data allows you to track the efficacy of your email marketing. Make sure your EMP will deliver the metrics you need to determine your ROI and make educated decisions about future marketing efforts.

North American Sales Director Eric Holmstead said, “During the pandemic, online marketing has become even more necessary. We have a whole team of marketing experts ready to share that information with our retail partners, so we can all be successful in a post-pandemic world and its evolving consumer shopping behaviors.”

To download the free e-book, visit the Wholesale Resource Center or the Malouf™ website, where it’s available alongside other helpful marketing guides and resources.

About Malouf™ 

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