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Founded in 2017 by Brian and Zana Wilson, UltiMattress is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping customers find the right bed at the right price. Its product offering spans from mattresses to sheets to mattress protectors, and each product is paired with hands-on customer service and support. Currently, UltiMattress has 15 locations across Texas, with stores in Austin, Buda, Cedar Park, Round Rock, San Antonio, and San Marcos.

At UltiMattress, providing people with sleep solutions is not just a way of life, but a true family tradition. We believe that having a conversation with our clients is much more important than a presentation. Our objective is to build trust and show a genuine concern for their needs. It is also vitally important that we have easily accessible locations, a strong brand voice, and the appropriate product mix. —Ryan Rodenbeck, Evp of Sales and Store Operations, Ultimattress
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Ryan Rodenbeck, EVP of Sales and Store Operations for UltiMattress, first developed a relationship with Malouf in 2015 while working for another mattress company. During this time, Ryan was assigned to revamp the company’s entire accessories program, and that’s when he became acquainted with Malouf and its comprehensive product selection.

When Ryan joined the UltiMattress team in 2017, he knew there was potential for a successful partnership between UltiMattress and Malouf.

When I adopted Malouf as one of our vendors in 2015, I knew this company was something special. Malouf CEO Sam Malouf’s vision and ability to bring innovative products to market were a breath of fresh air. So many vendors were caught up in minutia and had abandoned creativity—but not Malouf. It was because of my exposure to Malouf at that time, that I knew they would be a strong partner for UltiMattress. —Ryan Rodenbeck


Ryan and UltiMattress CEO Brian Wilson had developed a long-standing relationship with a well-known protector company, and that relationship continued when Ryan transitioned to the UltiMattress team. Initially, UltiMattress partnered with this company to build a mattress protector program. However, there came a point when UltiMattress required more protector solutions and better customer support to meet the needs of its clientele.

Over the years, we had developed a good relationship with another protector company. This particular business created a strong training program, and even expanded their product lineup. However, we only knew them as a protector company and felt that this was still their special ‘niche.’

With the same company, we also felt the costs were high for the product quality, the packaging was outdated, the warranty claims were difficult to manage, and the communication was below average. Plus, changes in the company’s organization really took the relationship aspect out of our partnership. —Ryan Rodenbeck
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Having already partnered with Malouf, Ryan and the rest of the UltiMattress team felt confident in replacing its existing protector lineup with a customized Malouf protector program.

In January 2019, UltiMattress launched its new mattress protector program.

• Pr1me™ Terry Protector
• Omniphase™ + Tencel™ Protector
• Five 5ided™ Icetech™ Protector

Explore Malouf’s Full Protector Lineup

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Since introducing customers to its new mattress protector program, UltiMattress has increased its attachment rates and nearly tripled its monthly protector sales.

Our mattress protector program wouldn’t be performing the way it is without the Malouf assortment. It is a perfect step-up story, and since its inception this year, we have tripled (yes, tripled) our protector sales. —Ryan Rodenbeck
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UltiMattress has stayed competitive through Malouf’s extensive product selection, competitive pricing strategy, reputable customer service, fast and convenient shipping, and quality training resources and marketing materials.

A successful partnership not only involves a give-and-take mentality, but great communication. Malouf listens to our concerns and feedback, pushes the envelope in terms of product innovation—and most important, delivers on promises. They have earned our trust and will most certainly be a strong business partner for us in years to come. —Ryan Rodenbeck


Whether you want to expand your product offering or find better sleep solutions for your customers, Malouf has the products, the capabilities, and the service to help you create the perfect program for your store.

At Malouf, we guarantee exceptional products and excellent customer service. We have invested in the finest materials, factories, and people to offer the best experience possible for our customers. —Mike Douglas, VP of Sales, Malouf


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