October 22, 2020 - design

Transform Any Room in Your House: Malouf’s Professional Interior Designers Give Their Simple Tips

Most of us don’t have the money to hire an interior designer to make our homes beautiful, but becoming our own interior designers without expertise or experience is a challenge. That’s why we asked designers Holly Bogdan and Brooklyn Hooley for their tips to help any interior design novice create a beautiful space. Here’s what they had to say.

Start with scale

The most important place to start is scale. You want to consider the height and width of your space. We recommend starting by plotting out the space and really envisioning what you want the space to feel like.

Define your goal

It’s easy to have a million ideas on what to do with a space, but really ask yourself what your goal is. Do you have a certain style or mood that you want to portray in this space? To keep yourself focused on your goal, you can even make a short concept statement and refer to that whenever needed.

Use your clothes 

Something that’s helpful is looking at your wardrobe and noticing common themes. Pay attention to the colors, the patterns, and the textures of your clothes. You can use those common threads to start creating your space and then you can build on that over time.

Choose the MVW

Choose the most valuable wall in your space. Have something dramatic on that wall like an art piece and then leave the other walls simple with minimal decoration. Pick your focal point and coordinate around it.

Tell a story

You want a cohesive space, so let it tell a story that’s significant to you. This could look like creating a room that’s reminiscent of somewhere you’ve traveled or pays tribute to a relative.

Be brave

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Part of figuring out your personal style is coming up with a concept and experimenting along the way. Make the space yours, be brave, and try new things, especially with things that are easy to switch out. For example, paint is easy to experiment with because if you don’t like it, you can change it.

Be adaptable

Remember that something will always go wrong, but don’t get discouraged. This is where you can use your problem solving and adapt to the situation. Don’t let those minor setbacks discourage you or take away from the experience of building your space.

Holly Bogdan is Malouf’s Director of Retail and Product Design and Brooklynn Hooley is an Interior Designer of Virtual Merchandising.