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June 1, 2021 - news

Our B Corp Story

At Malouf, we’re here to help people get better sleep, but there’s much more to it (a lot more). We also strive to use our business as a force for good as a Certified B Corporation®.

How It Started

In 2017 and 2018, a few Malouf employees pointed out how similar Malouf values were to B Corps (like TOMS® shoes and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream). Several of the similarities they noticed were related to the Malouf Foundation, which provided sleep essentials to a variety of causes and had just been officially registered as a non-profit organization.

B Corp™ Certification

“As we started looking into becoming a B Corp, we learned it was an extremely rigorous and time-consuming process,” said Scott Carr, Malouf Marketing Director and one of the employees leading the certification process. “However, we quickly recognized it was essential for determining our social and environmental responsibility.”

The process started in 2019 and took about eight months. It involved answering 200 in-depth questions and the results were then graded—scoring everything from environmental impact, employee benefits, and even finances.

Making Improvements

No company is perfect, even B Corps. All companies have areas where they can improve, and the certification process helped highlight those areas.

 “Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to have your weaknesses pointed out, but it was also incredibly empowering to make improvements,” said Scott. “One of the changes we implemented was forming a Sustainability Council, made up of employees across the company.”

The Sustainability Council at Malouf evaluates the environmental impact and helps reduce waste. “The goal they’ve set for us is to become 100 percent net-zero by 2035,” Scott explained.

Where to Focus  

While the criteria to become a B Corp is complex, there are four main areas we focus on at Malouf.


Treat employees like family and truly value each of them. Here are a few ways we support them:

  • 100% employer-paid health insurance (for individuals and families)
  • Employee mental health and wellness programs
  • Paid time off to volunteer in the community


Acknowledge the impact we have on the environment. Even small changes can make a huge difference, like:

  • An eco-friendly headquarters (with solar panels and our own garden)
  • More products made with sustainable materials
  • Supporting ethical production standards


Recognize the importance of making smart business decisions so we can create positive change. That means:

  • Transparent business practices
  • Continually innovating to remain a leader in our industry
  • Upholding high product standards and customer experiences


Strive to build an engaged community that works together to end human trafficking with the Malouf Foundation. We also:

  • Give bedding to families and children in need
  • Raise money for local non-profits like CAPSA
  • Donate a portion of our proceeds to the Malouf Foundation

Why It Matters

Our decision to become a B Corp influences our customers too. Here’s why:

Sleep with a Purpose 

While there are many sleep products to choose from, we hope you know with Malouf you’re not just prioritizing sleep—you’re making a difference. With every purchase, you’re helping provide education, promote healing, and ensure justice for trafficking survivors.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about how we support our employees, the environment, and the community? Explore our Impact Page.

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