June 23, 2021 - design, news

On a High After High Point Market

After a successful High Point Market, we’re still taking in the beautiful details of our new showroom. It’s an expansive project that spanned many months and came to completion just in time for High Point Market a few weeks ago.

While it’s incredible to see the project come together, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the hard work that’s gone into bringing our combined 16,000-foot showrooms at High Point to life. We sat down with Adam Stevenson, our lead visual merchandiser, to learn more about the new showroom design and the inspiration behind it.

Starting Fresh 

“A lot of times when you go into a furniture showroom or store, you see a sea of furniture,” Adam explained. “It’s hard for each piece to stand out.”

With an additional 8,000 square feet of new space to design, the team was able to get creative. There are around 350 to 400 items across our Malouf, Weekender, and Salt Flat brands on display at High Point. And each piece found its place.

“We started with a blank canvas and then started to conceptualize the space,” Adam shared. After talking through the project with the larger Malouf™ team, including brand managers and furniture designers, it was clear there were some really interesting stories to tell.

Taking Inspiration from Art

“With Salt Flat, there is a real craftsmanship story,” Adam said. “Each detail is so thoughtful and even artful in many ways—from all the hand-crafted elements to the finishing details.”

Before designing anything for the showroom, the team considered how they wanted people to feel as they walked through the space. That led to the idea of making the Salt Flat™ area feel more like what you’d experience walking through an art gallery.

“In a gallery, you’re given the space to approach each piece and take in the details. We tried to capture that feeling by installing furniture in cohesive vignettes and placing individual pieces in gallery-like alcoves.”

Each alcove was framed within an archway and included a hand-sketched, concept drawing of each Salt Flat accent chair. The sketches had an architectural feel to them and highlighted the quality and craftsmanship Salt Flat is known for.

“The vignette caused people to stop and consider what was inside,” Adam recounted, “They gave each piece its own spotlight.”

On Full Display

The Weekender area of the showroom has a different feel than the Salt Flat area, but it has just as compelling of a story. With a focus on more affordable furniture and mattresses, the visual merchandising team purposefully kept Weekender furniture styling simple—with minimal accessories and rugs.

“We wanted to keep things straightforward to match the Weekender aesthetic,” Adam explained, “Where Weekender really shines is in its incredible range of products on display.”

Of the 16 different Weekender mattresses available to order, you’ll find all of them in the High Point showroom, side by side. Visitors can not only see them in person, but can sit on one, while looking at the other—all the way down the line. It’s the ultimate in-person, compare-and-contrast experience.

What to Expect Next

We’re always coming out with new products and offerings—as we do, we’ll update our showrooms. So, even if you’ve seen our showrooms in the past, they’re going to look a little different the next time you visit.

When asked about his favorite part of his role as a virtual merchandiser, Adam said, “I love seeing something I design on paper come to life. It’s also really cool to be there when people experience it for the first time—it makes all the hours of planning, organizing, and executing worth it.”

Want to learn more about our showrooms? Take a virtual tour and find dates for upcoming tradeshows on our website.