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October 9, 2019 - news

Malouf Is Now a Certified B Corporation®

We have exciting news—we’re officially a Certified B Corporation®. This means that as a company, we’re concerned not only with revenue, but also with our corporate social responsibility for society, workers, the community, and the environment. 

We’ve been committed to sustainability since the beginning, and now we’ve joined the B Corp movement to use the power of business for social good. Businesses like Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, Toms Shoes, and Warby Parker are working to do good in the world, and we’re just like them with a primary goal to help you sleep better through our unique product lineup. 

So, what does this all mean for consumers? Keep reading to learn how our B Corp status will benefit you as a Malouf customer.

What Does This Mean for You?  

  • You can invest in sustainable products. At Malouf, we use eco-friendly processes to create premium products safe for you and the environment. Our product lineup includes natural options like TENCEL™ lyocell fiber, bamboo charcoal and natural latex foams. This means you can feel confident in purchasing and sleeping on Malouf products. 
  • You can support an important cause. At Malouf, we believe in giving back to the community and helping others do the same. Currently, we donate a portion of every purchase to the Malouf Foundation, which fights child sexual exploitation. This means you can go to bed every night knowing you’ve helped a child in need. 
  • You can be part of something bigger. At Malouf, we strive to make a difference with our sustainability initiatives and our work through the Malouf Foundation. This means you can do the same by incorporating green practices in your home and finding ways to create a larger impact on your community.
“Sustainability is important to us, and giving back to the community is a key part of our culture. We care about our customers, we care about the environment, and we care about our community. When considering these values, becoming a benefit corporation was a natural next step for our company—one that will promote substantial growth moving forward.” –Sam Malouf, CEO and President, Malouf

We are doing everything we can to continually improve our company to better serve you. To learn more about Malouf and our sustainability efforts, visit maloufsleep.com/impact.

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