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Malouf Holiday Gift Guide 2020

This year, give your loved ones a gift that will make every single day better: sleep. It’s the universal gift that keeps on giving.

Not only will a gift from Malouf™ benefit the lucky people on your shopping list, but you’ll make a difference in the lives of children around the world. As a Certified B Corporation®, we’re committed to making a difference; When you buy a Malouf™ product, a significant portion of the proceeds go to fighting child sexual exploitation.

So check off your holiday shopping early this year with gifts that you and your loved ones will feel great about.

CBD Pillow

If you have someone on your list that has a hard time sleeping, we recommend gifting them a CBD pillow. It’s been infused with pure, natural cannabidiol to help manage restlessness, pain, and stress. By addressing these root causes, it can help with relaxation to improve sleep.

We have three unique CBD pillows to satisfy the sleep preferences of your loved one:

ActiveDough™ Foam – This is a unique blend that offers the quick-response feel and superior support of latex foam with the just-right cushion and contouring relief of traditional memory foam.

Zoned Dough™ Foam – Zoned Dough™ combines our premium memory foam formula with zoning technology. It’s more responsive, extremely supportive, and relieves pressure points on the head and neck.

Zoned Dough™ Shoulder Cutout – This pillow blends our premium memory foam with zoned technology and a unique shoulder cutout that’s designed to correctly align the spine for side sleepers.

Anchor™ Weighted Blanket

Blankets are a great go-to for anyone on your list and a weighted blanket takes it to the next level.

Weighted blankets are proven to be a natural solution for both sleep and anxiety disorders. But beyond that, they simply make the user feel cozy and swaddled for premium comfort. Plus, the Anchor™ Weighted Blanket has a removable cover for easy washing. In short, it’s definitely a gift they’ll be using for years to come.

Explore color and weight options here.

S755 Adjustable Base

If you want to improve a loved one’s sleep experience as well as their daily doings, an adjustable base is the right choice. Whether settling into the ideal sleep position or enjoying a book in bed, an adjustable base is perfect because it reduces the strain on pain points for excellent comfort.

The S755 comes with six memory positions, built-in USB ports, lumbar support, LED underbed lights, dual-zone massage, and control through our award-winning app that even allows Siri voice commands for hands-free adjustments.

In other words, if you want to make a big impact this holiday, the Malouf™ S755 Adjustable Base is the way to go.

Discover more benefits here.

CarbonCool™ LT + OmniPhase™ Topper

This mattress topper delivers a life-changing sleep experience and is perfect for people who sleep hot. Rated at 20-times the cooling capacity of gel memory foam, Omniphase™ technology actively pulls heat away from the body, ensuring a cool sleep. Plus, the IceTech™ cover is cool-to-the-touch for an overall enhanced sleeping environment.

It’s also made with cushy memory foam created with double-zoning technology to cradle the head and hips as well as correctly align the spine.

Overall, this mattress topper is a gift that people on your list won’t be able to stop talking about.

Learn more here.

Woven™ Rayon from Bamboo Sheets

Who doesn’t need a new set of sheets? These silky sheets are breathable and temperature-regulating as well as antibacterial and resistant to odors. Basically, they’re everything someone could want in a sheet and an absolute treat to slip into night after night.

Pick out the perfect color here.