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September 15, 2022 - featured, design

Falling for Autumn Style—Designer Tips for Styling Your Bedroom for Fall

Change is in the air. The seasons are changing as we move into fall, bringing cooler temperatures, crisper air, and crunchy leaves. As we shift away from summer, this season of change is the perfect opportunity to give your bedroom a fall refresh.  

We spoke with Adam Stevenson, the Visual Merchandiser Manager here at Malouf™, who offered his insights into leaning into the fall season in your bedroom décor.  

Take it Easy 

Like so much of decorating, less is more when you shift into fall.    

“The best way to style for fall is with layers and texture,” Stevenson said. “Oversized duvets, bed coverlets, quilts of different textures, or even a well-placed weighted blanket on an accent piece of furniture will help create the perfect fall bedroom environment.” 

Light Layers 

With the air cooling down and the sun setting earlier, autumn nights the natural desire for cozy settings and warm, comfortable spaces sets in.   

“As the nights start to cool off, it’s the perfect time to start layering your bed linens and adding texture,” Stevenson said. “You can do that by swapping out your duvet cover from a lighter thinner fabric to something with a thicker hand and a tactile feel, like our Chambray Comforter Set.” 

Stevenson also suggests layering your bedding with a light coverlet in fall patterns or colors. Doing so not only adds warmth for the cooler season but adds more dimension to your bedroom as well. Certain sheet fabrics are also more favorable for the cooler fall weather. Our Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set has both a cozy look and feel.  

Keep it Simple 

As you think about the way you want to decorate your bedroom for fall, designers recommend leaning into a more sophisticated and understated approach.  

“It’s easy to succumb to the stereotypical fall décor items like cornucopias, multi-color corn cobs, and pumpkins, but when it comes to bedroom décor, I prefer to take a more subtle approach,” Stevenson said. “Simple accents like neutral-colored pottery with a few sprigs of dried grasses add a nod to fall without being overstated or too kitschy.”  

Make a Change 

Anytime you want to refresh your space, switching out a product you use frequently for a new version is an easy touch. An updated pillow is a great way to make your bedroom feel new and different without spending too much. Our Zoned Talalay Latex Pillow is a great pillow for fall. Talalay Latex is a natural material that creates an airy, conforming pillow. This and the natural cotton cover allow for breathability, keeping your body temperature neutral.  

Choose Your Hue 

Often when you think of fall, you’ll think of various shades of red, yellow, and orange. While that may work in your living room or kitchen areas, those are colors that stimulate your brain and body, rather than helping you rest.   

“As a general rule, your bedroom should feature cool colors—ones that make you feel calm and relaxed such as blues, greens, and grays,” Stevenson said. “Warm colors typically associated with fall will make you feel energized, potentially keeping you from falling asleep.” 

If you want to avoid those effects, how can you still make your bedroom feel like fall?  

“I would focus primarily on styling your bedrooms in cool greens and tans while accenting with throw pillows or smaller décor items in more traditional fall reds, yellows, and oranges,” Stevenson said. This will help you maintain a calm relaxing environment while still allowing you to incorporate fall themes.” 

Neutral fabrics and colors can be easily incorporated with one of our designer beds. The upholstered bases bring those cool colors in as a focal point in your bedroom. 

Make it Work  

The good news is you don’t have to buy a ton of new products or spend a lot of money to update your space for fall.  

“A couple of inexpensive solutions is to incorporate fall-themed air fresheners or scented candles in your space,” Stevenson said. “This along with dimmable lighting can evoke fall feelings without having to completely change your home décor. Pulling those blankets and throws out of the closet and placing them in a basket in the room can up the cozy factor regardless of your style.”  

Fall is a wonderful transitional season, leaving lots of room for simple autumnal touches in your bedroom. Get cozy and comfortable in your fall-friendly bedroom. 

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