August 30, 2021 - products, wellness

Everything You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets

Thanks to a lot of health benefits, weighted blankets have become the must-have sleep item. If you’re not sure why, or if you just want to learn more about weighted blankets before you buy, keep reading to learn answers to commonly asked questions.

Weighted Blanket FAQs

What are the benefits of weighted blankets? 

For many people who struggle with anxiety, stress, and other sleep issues, weighted blankets can be a therapeutic tool to keep close by the bed. For many people, the benefits of weighted blankets include:

  • A calming effect
  • Reduced anxiety or stress
  • Improved mood and wellness
  • Short-term pain relief  

What’s the science behind weighted blankets? 

Much of the research behind weighted blankets comes from autism sleep studies. Research stemming from the studies suggests the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket can help you feel more relaxed. However, more conclusive research is needed to confirm all the benefits many people experience.

The good news: weighted blankets are more accessible than ever—giving you the opportunity to try them firsthand to learn how they can help you.

How do weighted blankets help me sleep? 

Weighted blankets simulate what many physical therapists refer to as pressure therapy. The weight of the blanket puts gentle, consistent pressure on your body, helping your nervous system relax. As your heart rate lowers and your breathing evens out, your brain releases feel-good hormones that help you get better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

What are weighted blankets made of? 

The outside of a weighted blanket can come in many different materials: cotton, linen, microfiber, and more. With so many choices, you can pick the fabric that feels best to you. Malouf weighted blankets have a soft-to-the-touch microfiber cover to provide extra coziness and durability. As for the fill, most weighted blankets are filled with plastic or glass beads, but you may find some options filled with sand, grains, or even pebbles.

Are certain materials better than others? 

When it comes to the fillers used in a weighted blanket, they all have their pros and cons. Our Malouf weighted blankets are filled with micro glass beads. We love using glass beads in our weighted blankets because they provide equal weight distribution and they’re easy to care for, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic.

Will a weighted blanket make me sleep too hot? 

If you’re a hot sleeper or if you live in a hot climate, you can still get all the benefits weighted blankets have to offer. Look for weighted blankets made with breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo. And when selecting a fill, glass beads continue to come out ahead. They’re cool to the touch and don’t hold in heat like other fillers. Plus, they’re heavier than plastic pellets, which means they’re less bulky.

Which weight is right for me? 

In general, look for a blanket that’s about 10 percent of your body weight, plus one or two extra pounds. This gives you a good starting point, and you can always swap it out for a lighter or heavier weighted blanket as you learn what feels good to you.

Body Weight 

Weighted Blanket 

35 to 50 pounds

5-pound blanket

50 to 120 pounds

12-pound blanket

120 to 150 pounds

15-pound blanket

150 to 200 pounds

20-pound blanket

200+ pounds

25-pound blanket

How much do weighted blankets cost?

The cost of a weighted blanket depends on the size, weight, and materials you choose. Expect to spend somewhere between $150 to $400 for a quality weighted blanket. The higher cost is typically a result of high-quality materials and special craftsmanship (like double stitching), which are essential to support the weight of the fill.

How do I wash my weighted blanket? 

First, consult the care instructions on your blanket. Depending on the fill, some are machine washable and some aren’t. Most, if not all, will recommend spot cleaning. If you haven’t purchased a weighted blanket yet, we recommend buying one with a removable cover. Here's a peek at our care instructions. Depending on the blanket you have, the care recommendations will differ.

If you’re considering buying a weighted blanket, we hope this post served as a useful guide. To learn more, visit our website to see all the different weighted blankets we have available.