December, 30 2020 - news, wellness

A Year in Review: 2020

This year has brought many challenges in all of our lives. But despite this unprecedented time, we are proud to have made a difference—and we couldn’t have done it without you. Looking back on 2020, we want to focus on the positive change we’ve accomplished.

As a Certified B CorporationTM, we strive to hold ourselves to a higher standard of business to do better each and every day. We are thankful for all we accomplished in the past 365 days to help offer you support through each moment.

While the whirlwind of 2020 began similarly to past dates, it quickly proved itself to be a juncture like no other. Here’s what we were up to this year:

We Took Wellness Pillows to the Next Level

Sleep is important to us—so we decided to explore innovative solutions to help ensure more restful nights. One answer: natural sleep solutions. This is where we launched our CBD infused pillows. The CBD oil offers a soothing sleep removed from stress, pain, and restlessness for a perfect beginning to 2020. Now, we’re excited to expand this line even further in 2021.

We Set Roots in California

Opening our California warehouse gave us the opportunity to better serve you. With the new addition, we’re able to reach more of the West Coast at a faster pace. We’re also able to expand our product offerings and make them more accessible to you.

We Took a Moment to Give Back

We gave back this year most notably to help in the pandemic. In an effort to fight COVID-19, Malouf TM provided mattresses, adjustable bed bases, bed frames, and mattress protectors to hospitals across the country from New York to Illinois and California.

We Stayed OnWatch

2020 marked the year we relaunched our training OnWatch. The training helps people identify and prevent sex trafficking in their communities. Built by sex trafficking survivors and experts, the training offers an incredible resource to keep our communities aware and safe.

In looking back on 2020, we’re proud of our achievements. But now we must look ahead to all the positive changes we will make in 2021. We made it through this together and we are here to continue to provide support to you into the next year.