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April 19, 2022 - wellness, featured

5 Tips to Refresh Your Rest this Spring

Spring is a time of renewal, and many of us start off the season by refreshing our homes with some spring cleaning. Why not try welcoming spring a little differently this year? How about refreshing your sleep so you can wake up rejuvenated and ready to take on the day? To help you invest in your rest we're sharing 5 tips to help you achieve purely blissful sleep. 

Clean Your Bedding 

Now is the time to clean all your bedding to get rid of the grime that’s been building up. Dirty bedding increases the number of dust mites and bacteria in your bed, which can worsen health issues such as allergies and asthma. The National Sleep Foundation recommends washing your sheets and pillowcases once a week to keep them clean and fresh.  

In addition to cleaning your bedding regularly, a mattress protector protects your mattress against sweat, dirt, bed bugs, dust mites, and pesky springtime allergens. Our Five 5ided Mattress Protector with Tencel + OmniPhase keeps your bed nice and fresh in addition to circulating airflow for cooler sleep.   

Set a Bedtime Routine 

Our brains are great at making associations, which is why setting a consistent bedtime routine is an excellent way to improve your sleep. Bedtime routines can be as simple as putting on pajamas, brushing your teeth, and getting to bed. Your bedtime routine can also include taking a hot bath, doing a nighttime meditation, or writing in your journal. Whatever you decide to do for your bedtime routine, make sure it’s relaxing and something you’ll look forward to every night.  

One of our personal favorites is sleeping elevated with our E255 Adjustable Bed BaseAn adjustable bed base is a great addition to your lifestyle and can elevate your nighttime routine. Whether that’s reading in bed, getting a relaxing massage, or adjusting to your favorite position for a good night’s sleep.  

Organize Your Space 

Spring is an excellent time to tidy up your space after those cold winter months, and organizing your space can help you sleep better. In a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 66% of respondents said a clean bedroom was important to helping them sleep well every night. When organizing your space, you can decide if you want to make a lifestyle change and use Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™ or start simple and organize your nightstand.  

Upgrade Your Pillow 

Pillows are essential for getting the rest and relaxation you need. However, over time, pillows begin to lose the support they once offered so your head and neck get out of alignment. If you’ve had your pillow for a while, it’s probably time to replace it with a pillow that will properly support your head and neck.  

Our Carboncool + Omniphase pillow gives you amazing support while offering incredible cooling properties. The pillow has 20 times the cooling capacity of gel memory foam and it has ventilation channels that increase airflow and breathability for better sleep. Plus, if you’re a side sleeper, it’s available in a shoulder cutout to maintain spinal alignment and alleviate aches and pains.  

Optimal Sleep Temperature  

While we sleep, our internal body temperature drops one to two degrees to conserve energy. Reaching and maintaining that lower body temperature is a great way to make sure your sleep is restful.  

  • Bedroom temperature. The ideal bedroom temperature to encourage better sleep is between 60 and 67 Fahrenheit. By placing your thermostat in that range before you go to bed, you’re telling your body it’s time to sleep, and keeping your thermostat at that temperature throughout the night will help your body stay asleep. 
  • Keep it cool. If you’ve ever woken up to the feeling of your shirt sticking to your skin, you know how unpleasant waking up sweaty can be. Cotton is a great fabric that maintains body temperature so you don’t wake up at night because you’re too hot. Our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheet Set offers a gentle and lightweight feel that will keep you cool all night long.  

 Refreshing Slumber 

Sleep is an important aspect of health and wellness. It allows your body and mind to recharge so you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. These five tips are simple changes you can make to refresh your rest this spring. 

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