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March 3, 2022 - products, wellness

5 Tips to Help You Decide If a Latex Pillow Is Right for You

Your pillow is responsible for 30 percent of your sleep experience. If you have a premium mattress and an old, lumpy pillow, you aren’t sleeping at your optimal level. But choosing the right pillow can feel like a hurdle—there are so many to choose from. We’re here to help you answer any questions. Today, we are specifically looking at our Talalay Latex pillow line. Latex has many applications across products, from balloons to Band-Aids. But natural latex is an incredible material for bedding and pillows. Here are five things you need to know before you choose latex.

The Cradling Effect

Our Talalay latex pillows offer instant cradling support that your head and neck will appreciate. But it also features a responsive, springy feel that is incredibly unique. You’ve never had a pillow like this before! Our exclusive ergonomic design features zones of precisely cut columns that create soft and firm regions within your pillow. The central columns are larger to provide support for the weight of your head, while the smaller columns provide an ideal cushion for your neck to keep your spine aligned while you sleep.

Oh, So Breathable

Hot sleepers rejoice, latex may just be the perfect material for you. Talalay latex is created through a precise and consistent process that results in an airy, soft, and springy pillow that promises premium sleep every night. In fact, Talalay latex breathes up to seven times better than foams to create a pillow that sleeps temperature-neutral. And in our Gel Talalay Pillow, we infused cooling gel into already heat-neutral latex to create a pillow that keeps you cool while you sleep—finished with a natural cotton cover for a crisp, clean, and breathable feel.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Talalay latex has been called, “Earth’s most perfect sleep material.” Naturally hypoallergenic, Talalay latex is the ideal solution for sensitive sleepers, including people with allergies and asthma. It’s even resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Feel-Good Eco-Friendly 

Talalay latex is produced with biodegradable ingredients from renewable resources and raw materials. Unlike foams made from chemically processed polyurethane, natural latex is made from rubber tree sap. The harvesting process doesn’t harm the tree’s overall health and vitality. But most important, our rubber trees are safeguarded, remaining productive for 25 years and absorbing carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse gases—making your Talalay latex pillow a product you can feel good about. When a tree no longer produces sap, it can be used for furniture. New rubber trees can replace old ones to create a renewable wood cycle. As long as natural latex is responsibly sourced, it can have a positive social and environmental impact.

Long-Lasting Guarantee

When it comes to choosing healthy sleep materials, natural latex is a great option for those looking for a greener bedroom. One big reason is that latex has a long shelf life—or rather, sleep life. On average, high-quality latex pillows last three times longer than traditional fill pillows. And our product warranties guarantee each pillow’s high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

How to Choose the Right Fit

Now, our Talalay latex pillows are incredible on so many levels, but it’s important to choose the right pillow for your body type, sleep style, and preference. When ordering a latex pillow from our site, you can choose from several options: King or Queen size, high or low loft, and plush or firm feel. You need to remember that these options exist within the scope of latex. So, a “firm” latex pillow is not going to feel the same as a firm memory foam pillow. Also, a “high” loft latex pillow will compress a lot when you lay down on it due to its natural springy construction.

Here’s what we recommend. If you are a stomach sleeper, choose a low loft latex pillow in either firm or plush, depending on your preference. If you sleep on your back, choose the high loft pillow in either firm or plush. But if you are a side sleeper, or have a larger frame, a single latex pillow may not give you the support you want and need. In this instance, we recommend the Shoulder CarbonCool + Omniphase Pillow or any of our Shoulder ActiveDough pillows.

Overall, sleeping on our Talalay Latex pillows is a premium experience—especially if you’re looking for a sustainable, hypoallergenic, and incredibly cradling pillow to perfect your sleep experience. Please reach out through our live chat feature or give our customer support team a call if you have any questions or would like more help deciding which Talalay latex pillow is right for you.

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